Saturday, March 11, 2006

¬American Idol Narrows To Top 12

Last March 10, the final cut for the Top 12 was shown live by Amercian Idol... after having the top 24... the had narrowed it down to 12 hopefuls...all my bets are still surviving..

The top 12 are Upper Row (from L-R): Chris, Taylor, Kellie, Katharine, Kevin and Mandisa
Lower Row (from L-R): Bucky, Melissa, Lisa, Paris, Ace and Elliott

2 weeks ago, Jose "Sway" Pennala was eliminated after singing Overjoyed. He is the only Half-Filipino in the competition.

Ayla Brown (one of the likeable people in the competition) was eliminated last week.. I like her.. She's a woman basketball player and i liked her determination to win.. not to mention how beautiful and tall she is..

More Updates Soon.... bye.. got to got to school for our Self-Breast Exam...

¬Junior - Senior Prom

The Night after our Culminating Program the Psych Ward came.. and that is Prom Night.. The theme was Spanish-inspired. So i made sure that my attire fitted the theme.. That's why i had my attire designed 2 weeks ago by my childhood friend/designer - Lord Maturan. He designed me this Vampire-ish look with ruffles in the neckline, a brooch with a rosary, a red waistband and pinstripes pants. It only cost me 2000 for the entire outfit including the cloth used and i loved the end product... so it was worth it..

So i arrived late at 7pm in the Grand Convention Center though i just missed the Opening Remarks... I ate and dined with my fellow batchmates who by the way looked good too.. I always loved it when there's a formal occasion since i'd see the guys transform into neat and suave gentlemen. I loved the food too especially the fish.. then as the program progressed, we just went out to have
our pictures taken at the mini-studio made for souvenir pictures.. Then the Bequittal Ceremony followed.. it a tradition wherein the Seniors pass the stage one by one to be escorted by a Junior and then give gifts as a symbol of a Passing of Responsibility sorta thing..

After the Bequittal Ceremony (which seemed like hours for me coz it was boring..) came the Awarding Ceremony... Awards for Best Dressed Male/Female, Male/Female Headturner of the Night and Male/Female Star of the Night...and luckily i bagged the Male Headturner of the Night Award... I couldnt believe it myself.. i was not even inside the room when the Awards Cerem
ony started coz me and my friends were so busy taking pictures outside (camwhores aswe are)... they just called me that i got an award and i walked up the stage.. (pa-effect daw.. mikey.. this is another ego-boosting session.. haha)...

Well anywaysm after the program.. we went to Crossroads and ate at La Marea.. then Vudu.. then Kasaja and had a booze... i went home at 4am drunk since most of my companions were girls and they keep on passing their turn to drink the beer.. tsk tsk.. hehe anyways it was a fun night...

Here are some of the pics taken...

¬Psych Ward Duty Ends!

In my previous post, I mentioned that after my duty at the Home of The Dying Destitutes I will be assigned at Ward 12 in Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center aka PSYCH WARD!!!! Well, i never knew what to expect in this once in a lifetime dutyat that place.. The first thing that came to my head is that in the next 2 weeks I'm gonna be dealing with weird, violent and creepy people... huhu...i need to buy an amulet to protect me..

In my first days there, i really freaked out. I mean, most of the patients there are SPOs.. or sexually pre-occupied.. female patients there would come out of nowhere to try to kiss, hug or harass male student-nurses.. they would even chase us if we dont give in to their demand..

By the way, we were not alone on duty there. Different school affiliates were there too like University of Bohol, Holy Name of University, Medina College, Velez College, St. Scholastica's College of Health and Sciences... so relatively it was like 4 student-nurses caring 1 patient. The patients there are mostly Schizophrenic patients. Some are Mentally Retarded, Bipolar Mood Disordered, Personality Disordered, Autistic and Rape-Trauma Patients.... Poor thing huh that some Rape victims eventually get locked up in this institution.. same goes with Autistic people.. i mean, they're harmless.. all they need is love and care.. but still their families dont want their social persona damaged with having them around and had them locked in a Psych Ward instead.. tsk tsk...

Anyways, after the 2 weeks that we've been there... all those Morning Stretches, Dance Therapies, Music Therapies, Art Therapies and other psych therapies.. we finally ended last March 10.. We had our Culminating Program together with Holy Name University..we decided to have a Hawaiian theme... again.. hehe.. and so here are the pics taken from such event...

The two divas were Margie (left) and Josefina (right).. their fashion statements
are so divine.. hehe

After our Culminating Program, we hurried home to prepare for our Junior-Senior Prom for tonight.. beauty rest.... ^_^

¬Rizal Play: "Cry of the Nation"

Last March 3, 2006, our month's hardwork and constant practices payed off as we presented at our School Gym. It was my first time to participate a school activity in my college life. It was a student affair since the casts were those taking History classes. Our history teacher said that if it was gonna be successful, we will all be exempted from taking the Finals.. Whoah! Thats a great deal! And so, they asked me to take the role of a... tada.. DRUNK! (what???).. My face went blank after they said that to me.. A Drunk? For crying out loud, ive never ever been drunk in my entire life.. or if ever i was, i wouldnt be able to remember how i acted.. but oh well, acting is acting.. hehe.. so i accepted it.. and they said i was gonna sing "If I Were A Rich Man".. which was originally taken from the broadway musical "The Fiddler on the Roof"..

The original singer was not drunk when he sang the song.. so that mean i have to fit my singing with the drunk-ish acting.. oh well.. gotta work hard...

By the way, here are some of the pictures taken during the 2 night presentation...

The make-up was really itchy.. im not really a big fan of make-up except anything that enhance my eyes.. tee hee..

My other classmates were performing "Can, Can" taken from Moulin Rouge..

(now when will i be able to wear a stripper outfit?).. hehe

Sunday, February 26, 2006

¬Reality Show Bets

Here are some of my bets in the new reality shows: American Idol 05 and PBB Celebrity Edition..

American Idol '05 Bets

Kellie Pickler - I liked here since the beginning and nice personality
Katharine Mcphee - Very superb singing voice

Paris Bennett - Excellent Performer even though still 17, reminds me of Fantasia Barrino
Lisa Tucker - Nice Powerful Voice and still 16

Ace Young - Goodlooking and Lovely Voice; Total Package
Elliot Yamin - Best Male Vocalist (bad teeth though)

Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition Bets

Biance Gonzales - Nice personality and has a likeability factor
Zanjoe Marudo - Yummy, need I say more? hehe

¬The Past Month

A lot has happened the past month.. i haven't been able to update my blog since my USB cable got broken and im always not in the mood to start making a blog post if there aren't any pix.. so here i am.. twas okay again! yehey! hehe..

February has been bitter and sweet at the same time.. First, I've manage not to go out on a Saturday night for more than a month already..
WOULD ANYONE BELIEVE THAT??? I was suppose to go out with Mike and Paul last night but a brownout happened 5 minutes before the result of the PBB 1st eviction night was given.. oh phuck!.. well anyways, i decided to sleep immediately coz my back was aching as hell..

Last February 13, my Duty Month started again... and that means waking up early again.. Huhu.. For my first 2 weeks, i was assigned at H.O.D.. which means Home of the Dying.. yes, you got it right.. Dying as in people aging 80 and above.. I freaked out at first after learning that the patients there are mostly with TB. So when the first day came, i took 3 capsules of Vitamin C and brought some spare mask and gloves.. When we entered, we immediately saw an old man gasping for air at the highest level.. waah!!! We got to know all the patients and saw each of their disabilities and stories in life.. And after a few days with them, i was already emotionally attached.. yes, for real.. every time they'd get to share stories from their lives like how they ended being place there by their family or by tragedy, it pains me.. i'd always get teary-eyed whenever i talk to them.. we culminated last Feb. 22, and i cried when the Lolas and Lolos said there thank yous to us.. im sure im gonna miss that place as i am right now.. I wanted to take pictures there but the Sisters prohibited us.. For the next 2 weeks, i will be assigned at Vicente Sotto's Psych Ward.. huhu.. wish me luck everyone...

This month too, i found someone interesting and we are currently dating right now... I managed to introduced him to Mike and Paul.. All i can say is that im quite serious with this one.. Hope this is it.... ^_^

By the way here are some pics that i managed to take for this month..

Videoke with my classmates at the New Timezone in Ayala near Maze

Doing the thing i loved the best - Vanity Shots.. hehe

Monday, January 16, 2006

¬Goodbye Marigondon

My community at Marigondon finally ended last January 13. Well that means no more muddy plancks on my Alberto Shoes, no more stinky cow shit, no more long hikes, no more lice-filled children rushing whenever we arrive and no more super ultraviolet rays from the sun drilling my epidermis.. hehe.. Well here are some of the pixs during my stay there..

This is the long hike towards our assigned community. The trails full of potholes and muddy paddles. Cows are all around.. and my God do they smell?? Grrr.. Hey, is this a sequel to Paris Hilton's A SIMPLE LIFE??? huhuhu ayyookooh..

This is how rural the place is. No signs of civilization existing. But the air is fresh and cool. I could easily tumble into slumberland with this kind of atmosphere. phew!

During our Operation Ligo-Delousing-Toothbrush-Wound Dressing. I was supposedly assigned at the Delousing Group. But after the size of the lice of the children there, fuck its the same size as a mongo bean! Eeew!! Thats why i volunteered to just do the fetching of water at the Deep Well. Quite long.. i wouldnt mind getting my hands bruised by the ropes as long as i wont get my hands on some lice. hehe worthy investment..

On our last day there, the natives found Eve's Bestfriend lurking in the gardens.. WAh!! it was long and creepy!!! i immediately jump on a nearby bleacher.. well the natives captured it and removed its fangs! now it woudnt be able to bite anyone already.. and with that.. look at what my classmates thought of doing... MODELLING PICTORIALS!!!

Well there are lots of toned-bodies locals in the area.. ^grins.. i wouldnt miss my chance to go on a hunt! hehe

PS: Tanx to Mikey for editing the template of my blog!!!!! -hugs-

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

¬Back to School

School just started yesterday and I'm still on my duty month. And after being assigned at North General Hospital two weeks before Christmas Vacation, I'm assigned in a VERY VERY RURAL area... MARIGONDON... Phew! Talk about the distance, the muddy puddles and the long hike. What will ever happen to my Alberto Shoes. HUHU. And our Clinical Instructor resembles like Mini Me...

Well we weren't able to reach our duty area yesterday since the school bus broke somewhere between Cordova. So we got stranded for three hours away from civilization. I miss my Oreo Cereals but i remember i made a resolution to lose some pounds especially now that Sinulog is coming. PRESSURE. tsk tsk

Anyways, I'm absent today. I told them my stomach hurt when i woke up, but i actually was so tired of getting up and decided to stay in bed. Now i really really have tons of Extensions in my Duty. HUHU. Just decided to watch A Long Weekend Dvd at home. The movie was hilarious. Well, at least it helped me kill some time at home.

By the way, here are some
BLOGTHINGS that i found on the net...

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